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 Thirsty Thursday is a Thursday Night Party thrown once a month in the Cabaret Community by Nora Lyn Kennedy! 

Thirsty Thursday started as an evening to showcase Nora Lyn’s friends and influences, and has grown into an evening for artists to take new chances, showcase new work, and support all of our colleagues in the industry. Since November of 2019 Nora Lyn has been serving up fun themes and great music at the famous Don't Tell Mamma's! Currently you can find Thirsty Thursday online! Subscribe to @Noralynkennedy on Youtube and Facebook to get notified about the next Thirsty Thursday Event! 


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Thirsty Thursday With Nora Lyn Kennedy is a Proud Nominee for Multiple Broadway World Cabaret Awards! We want to thank all our friends and fans for their constant support!!!

Past Live Streams


The Thirsty Thursday Experience! 

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January Jams
"I loved being a part of Nora Lyn Kennedy’s Thirsty Thursday show at Don’t Tell Mama. My first show with her was my midtown cabaret debut, and I’m so grateful I was given the opportunity to express my creativity and share my art in that show. I can’t wait for the day when we can all share the stage again."

Tommy Mosqueira-

February Feels


 " Don't Tell Mamma's is such an iconic venue and it was very cool getting to sing there for the first time! Our accompanist 

 (Anessa Marie) made me feel so supported and was amazing to work with!"

Matthew Joshua Cohen
 February Feels
"I had a wonderful time performing at Thirsty Thursday!  In addition to being a great performance opportunity and a fun experience, I received useful feedback on my work from both Nora and the Music Director (Annessa Marie), and got to achieve my goal of having a video posted on the prestigious FamousInNY youtube channel!"
SK_MICHAEL_HABER_120118-010 Short.jpg
Michael Haber- 
January Jams
"My Experience with the Thirsty Thursday Cabarets was truly one of the most fun times of my career! It was so AMAZING to be surrounded by some of the most spectacular talents with huge rising futures ahead!

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